Parents Annual Attention

Board of Education policies, state or federal regulations, or administrative recommendations require parents and/or the public be informed about the Sparta Board of Education policies listed below.  Each policy may be found by clicking on the associated link. 

This list represents only a portion of the Full Sparta Board of Education Policy Manual.  Our full policy manual can be found under the Board of Education section on our website. 

2000  PROGRAM   
 2110  Philosophy of Education/District Mission Statement
 2260  Affirmative Action for School and Classroom Practices
 2330  Homework
 2340  Field Trips

 2361  Acceptable Use of Computer Networks/Computers
 /Personal Electronic Devices (PEDS) and Resources

 2363  Pupil Use of Privately Owned Technology

 2415.05  Pupil Surveys, Analysis, and/or Evaluations
 2415.20  No Child Left Behind Complaints 
 2464  Gifted & Talented Pupils

 2624  Grading System

 3283  Electronic Communication Between Teaching Staff
 Members and Students

 4283  Electronic Communication Between Support Staff
 Members and Students

 5000  PUPILS
 5111  Eligibility of Resident/Nonresident Pupils
 5112  Entrance Age

 5200  Attendance
 5230  Late Arrival and Early Dismissal

 5240  Tardiness
 5250  Excusal from Class Program

 5300  Use of Defibrillator(s)

 5310  Health Services
 5320  Immunization
 5330  Administration of Medication
 5331  Management of Life-Threatening Allergies in Schools
 5332  Do Not Resuscitate Order
 5335  Treatment of Asthma
 5338  Diabetes Management
 5350  Pupil Suicide Prevention
 5410  Promotion and Retention
 5420  Reporting Pupil Progress 
 5430  Class Rank
 5440  Honoring Pupil Achievement
 5460  High School Graduation
 5465  Early Graduation
 5500  Expectations for Pupil Conduct
 5511  Dress and Grooming
 5512  Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying
 5513  Care of School Property
 5514  Pupil Use of Vehicles
 5516  Remotely Activating Communication Devices – Pagers & 
 Cellular Telephones

 5520  Disorder and Demonstration
 5530  Substance Abuse
 5533  Pupil Use of Tobacco or Tobacco Like Products
 5535  Passive Breath Alcohol Sensor Device
 5560  Disruptive Pupils
 5570  Sportsmanship
 5600  Pupil Discipline Extra Curricular/Code of Conduct
 5610  Suspension
 5611  Removal of Pupils From The General Education Program
 for Weapons/Firearms Offenses

 5612  Assault by Pupils on Board Members or Employees
 5620  Expulsion
 5700  Pupil Rights
 5701  Plagiarism
 5710  Pupil Grievance
 5721  Independent Publications
 5750  Equal Educational Opportunity
 5751  Sexual Harassment
 5752  Marital Status and Pregnancy
 5755  Equity in Educational Programs and Services
 5770  Pupil Right of Privacy
 5820  Student Government
 5830  Pupil Fund Raising
 5841  Secret Societies
 5842  Equal Access of Pupil Organizations
 5850  Social Events 
 6230  Budget Hearing
 7422  School Integrated Pest Management Plan

 7523  School District Provided Technology Devices to Pupils
 7610  Vandalism
 8330  Pupil Records
 8431  Preparedness for Toxic Hazards
 8467  Weapons
 8500  Food Services
 8505  School Nutrition
 8506  School Lunch Program Biosecurity Plan
 8601  Pupil Supervision After School Dismissal
 8820  Opening Exercises
 9120  Public Relations Program
 9130  Public Complaints and Grievances
 9150  School Visitors
 9180  School Volunteers
 9200  Cooperation Between Parents and School
 9210  Parent Organizations
 9230  Parental Responsibilities
 9240  Rights of Parents
 9260  Parental Liability for Vandalism
 9280  Parent Conferences
 9713  Recruitment by Special Interest Groups

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